Equity Compensation

Administering equity compensation plans is much more complex than just issuing awards or grants to participants and tracking those awards on a spreadsheet. IRS and SEC regulations alone can drain company time and resources. Careful planning and support are a solid start to ensuring an ROI on your plan investment.


How We Can Support You

Accretive Solutions has helped hundreds of clients in navigating the equity compensation landscape successfully. Whether you have an IPO coming up, are in rapid growth mode, or your plan is spread among too many functions, we can help provide a solution for your equity compensation plan.

Here is our five-step approach:

Here are four main areas to keep in mind throughout the process. Accretive Solutions can help in all of these areas.

  • Selecting a platform that will best support your plan and the plan participants
  • Integrating the platform with your selected broker
  • Educating your broker about the plan administration process
  • Provide participants with a choice of an on-line broker or a full service broker
  • Limit the brokers participants can use to just two brokers
  • Platform access/who should have access and to what information?
  • Documenting the equity plan administration process
  • Securely transferring data between multiple organizations
  • Coordinating the process for the attorneys, transfer agent bank and your selected brokers
  • Ensure there are sufficient controls around the administration of your equity plans
  • Supporting internal departments
  • Reporting – which reports and who should get them?
  • Develop a project plan to facilitate an effective handoff of responsibilities between individuals and teams
  • The system you select may require more participant and award information than you are currently maintaining on your spreadsheets
  • Is the participant and award information accurate and can it be relied on?
  • Tax code and tax rate set up
  • Implementation - uploading your participant/award/plan information to an administration platform
  • Develop and implement a communications plan for equity plan administration
  • Contact information for the attorneys, transfer agent bank and selected brokers
  • Create an email address and distribution list (Equity@yourcompany.com)
  • Communication to employees about general plan information, as well as plan support and resources
  • Determine go live date