How We Can Support You

Accretive Solutions blends people, processes and technology to help our clients overcome their collaboration challenges. We've guided hundreds of clients through our process to increase technology adoption, improve processes, and develop high-performing teams. Partnering with our clients, we create leading-edge, multimedia-rich, intuitive, communication and training programs that are memorable and measurable. We can help:

  • Increase the adoption of critical business systems (CRM, ERP, etc.)
  • Onboard and orient new employees efficiently and effectively
  • Build the technical and soft skills of salespeople
  • Manage organizational change
  • Develop successful leaders with best-in-class tools and strategies
  • Ensure strategic communications are impactful and effective

How We Have Helped Our Clients

RAPID Adoption Program
Our RAPID Adoption Program is designed to ensure your ERP or CRM system is fully integrated into everyone’s daily use and that your organization realizes the full return on investment. RAPID combines our change management, training, and communication expertise into a sustainable program designed to ensure all employees are trained and certified on the key features and functionality of a new system and understand "what's in it for them."

CASE STUDY: Adoption for Large Energy Company

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New Employee Orientation

Orienting new employees in an engaging and consistent manner provides them with everything they need to know and do to become fully aligned with their role and the organization as a whole. Accretive Solutions brings best practices and lessons learned from having designed hundreds of New Employee Orientations – one of our core competencies – to a wide variety of industries in a modern, flexible package.

CASE STUDY: Online Orientation for Large Manufacturing Company

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Developing Your Salespeople

We can help ensure your salespeople have the proper product knowledge, soft skills and technical aptitude needed to connect with your customers and ultimately, solve their business problems. Providing a variety of training streams and on-the-job support tools that are both instructionally sound and creatively engaging is critical to your salespeople’s success.

CASE STUDY: Sales Training and Support for a Large Technology Company

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CASE STUDY: Sales Training and Support for Large Mobile Provider

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Leadership Development

Ensuring your leaders understand the competencies required of them is a critical success factor in their career path. Developing and providing on-the-job support tools isn't always easy, but that is where Accretive Solutions can help most. We offer pre-screened, easily customizable content that can be uniquely tailored to your industry, as well as shareable templates which are easily branded and broadcast from your SharePoint site, LMS, or even a Leadership Portal hosted by us.

Our core content, combined from having delivered more than 50 Leadership Competency Programs, allows your organization to create a shared vision about what is expected from your leaders. Accretive Solutions will work within your current technology to help present the information in a simple and intuitive manner.

CASE STUDY: Leadership Development for Financial Services Organization

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Strategic Communications

Getting your strategic messages heard over the clutter of daily communications can be a challenge. Enabling your employees to make a link between their daily responsibilities and your organizational goals is critical. We can help.

CASE STUDY: Strategic Initiatives Communication for Technology Company

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Organizational Change Management

Many companies underestimate the human reaction to organizational change and the impact it can have on their entire business. Mismanagement of change can result in poor individual and team performance, morale problems, turnover, change resistance, intentional blockage of information, and, in the extreme case, sabotage. However, if managed correctly, change can have a positive effect on employees, increase the return on investment by meeting project objectives, as well as successfully finishing on time and within budget.

Our service offering addresses the personnel implications of strategic, organizational, process, or technology changes. Our professionals work with clients to:

  • Assess the organization's overall readiness and capacity for change and the magnitude of change specific to the effort
  • Develop a clear and compelling business case for change
  • Define and articulate the project vision
  • Identify and coach change sponsors/leaders
  • Develop change agent networks
  • Develop and deploy communications and stakeholder management strategies to gain buy-in for the changes
  • Identify and plan for impacts to job responsibilities and organizational structure
  • Prepare teams and individuals for change through training on new processes, technologies and behaviors
  • Establish baseline performance measures and assess the results of the change over time

We Understand the Risks to Not Managing Change:
  • Little to no buy-in for the change
    • People refuse to change
    • People see the new way and run back to the Old, familiar way
    • People find ways to get around the change
    • People accept only portions of the change
  • Added expense and loss of talent
    • Implementation takes longer than planned
    • Business is disrupted greater than expected
    • People suffer high levels of anxiety/stress; morale declines; good people leave
  • Negative experience is embedded in the organization's history
    • Leaders lose credibility or power
    • People react more negatively to the next change initiative
    • Culture of the organization negatively impacted