Getting to Know You

Matching Problems with Problem Solvers

We are the matchmakers of the business world.  We know that professional compatibility is your next most important relationship. We’ve mastered the art of screening potential partners for both our candidates and clients. In fact, many of our candidates are past clients or client referrals, so we know exactly what to look for.

How do go about it all? First we talk about you. A lot. Most of our recruiters come from the industries they hire for, so they immediately recognize excellent candidates in accounting and finance, enterprise governance, and business and technology.  We ask all sorts of pertinent questions about your skills, experience, knowledge, compensation expectations, and career interests.

We conduct in-depth interviews and evaluate interpersonal skills. We’ll confirm your job track record, academic credentials and references, and perform background checks.  When it comes to making a great match we leave no stone unturned.

In our experience, going through this kind of in-depth process is time well spent. It lets us do more than just match resumes. That’s because this is more than just a job. It’s a relationship. Who you are – your individual character, personality, sense of humor, and preferences for office cultures, work styles, and common objectives – is ultimately what makes a client relationship last.

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