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Opportunities with Accretive Solutions

We encourage you to explore the variety of career opportunities with Accretive Solutions:

At Accretive Solutions, our goal is to attract and retain talented professionals who wish to solve complex business problems in a variety of client environments. Simply put, by offering meaningful career opportunities and interesting projects to our employees, we in turn provide exceptional value to our clients. To that end, we encourage you to learn more about the variety of career opportunities with Accretive Solutions. As part of our overall recruitment process, there are ultimately two options for consultants to join Accretive Solutions:

  • Field Associate – This role is designed for individuals who enjoy high flexibility to pick and choose their projects, whether it’s is more selective commute parameters, client industry, nature of the work, skill focus, or other factors. Some individuals wish to take periods of time off for travel or other personal reasons. We take into account all these factors through discussions in our recruitment process. Our ultimate objective is to provide our available and qualified Field Associates with opportunities that will excite them.
  • Field Consultant - This role is a designed for employees who need and want a more traditional consulting career plan. Field Consultants are regular full time employees who work on a variety of engagements with our clients. As a full time employee, Field Consultants typically bring to Accretive Solutions their experience which is varied and in high market demand. We also work in partnership with our Field Consultants to keep them moving from engagement to engagement, recognizing the careful balance between billable work, client fit, and employee and client satisfaction.

Regardless of how you join Accretive Solutions, our clients appreciate the consistency with which our consultants deliver exceptional value. Our Field Associates and Field Consultants are integral in creating this value. If your interests lie outside of consulting, our  executive search team can help you land the perfect opportunity in the industry you want. We offer executive to mid-level management positions in accounting and finance, enterprise governance, and business and technology within a wide range of companies, from established industry leaders to fast-paced emerging businesses.

View our current list of consulting and executive search career opportunities.

As an equal opportunity employer, we are committed to hiring and promoting our employees without regard to race, creed, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, military or marital status.

Join us. With the professionals we hire and the clients who select us, we have a knack for turning a single job into a lifelong relationship.