Facing Your Cloud Compliance Fears

Cloud compliance is a journey, not a destination. As such, organizations must develop strategies that ensure secure, compliant functioning controls even when they are not undergoing an audit or assessment.

Operating in this manner engenders a continual approach to refining and maintaining cloud security while also helping to ensure optimal security reporting and threat protection. As a result, compliance attestation is streamlined while the threat of a breach is significantly reduced.

Embrace The Challenge 
However, that’s the “why” of operating in the cloud while the “how” is a different and often insurmountable challenge for many organizations. It is certainly understandable why this is an obstacle, especially when an organization’s current resources and processes are stretched to cope with rapidly evolving expectations and threats. What you end up with is an ad-hoc strategy rife with vulnerabilities - the type that put compliance and, more importantly, customer data at risk.

It is the kind of scenario that could inspire trepidation for those consid¬ering cloud-based resources for their workloads and applications. It is also the exact obstacle this white paper was designed to solve.

And, it does this through five direct and actionable steps >>> click here to download our whitepaper on this topic.